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An Advanced & Upgraded Granular Mineral Zeolite with Select Probiotics to ensure desired Soil & Pond Hygiene


ZEOMIN FORTE is a unique blend of mineral zeolite with select strains of Bacillus spp probiotics in granular form providing an unmatched efficacy for all types of pond conditions. It improves the water quality and hygienic characteristics which determine the survivability, growth and ultimate yield of Fish, Shrimp and Prawns.


ZEOMIN FORTE Granules contain Silica, Aluminium, and oxides of Calcium which is an important mineral for healthy aquatic life along with various strains of Bacillus spp with a well tied bond

Mineral Zeolite – 99.8 %

Bacillus spp – Not Less Than 20,000 million CFU / 10 Kg

Zeolites contain:

SiO2 — 60 – 70 %

Al2O3 – 15 – 20 %

Fe2O3 – 2 – 4 %

CaO – 10 – 15 %

Other Important minerals – q.s

The high C.E.C (Cation Exchange Capacity) provides a friendly medium for the removal of toxic gases by way of ion-exchange as a physical/chemical filter


  • Creates eco-friendly farming environment
  • Enhances the process of waste degradation naturally
  • Dissolves and liquefies the waste & dead cells of phytoplankton and unused feed.
  • Controls propagation of harmful pathogens
  • Helps to maintain proper pH in the pond
  • Helps to eliminate toxic gases like ammonia, nitrites and hydrogen sulphide
  • Is active both in fresh and salt water
  • Completely safe for shrimp and phytoplankton
  • Leaves no residues and traces and is completely environment friendly
  • The granular form helps to save time and labour.
  • Is safe, non-hazardous, non-toxic and economic for providing better aqua health solutions


5 – 10 Kg per acre or as recommended by an aquaculture consultant or a Technician

The requirement varies depending upon the pH, water temperature, water volume, species stocking density and the water quality and should be broadcasted uniformly throughout the pond


5 Kg