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To be recognized as a Complete Solutions Provider Offering Affordable, Innovative & Research based Solutions for Healthcare & Nutrition to the Veterinary Farming Fraternity Globally


To be amongst the most innovative and admired global companies in Animal Healthcare & Nutrition business with the best industry practices.

Core Values

Customer focus
Only reason to be in business

Performance Focus
Providing complete solutions

Entrepreneurial Drive
Ownership driven

Together in one direction

Trust & Integrity
Respect for all

Core Management Team

Dr. Muthu Selvan

Managing Director



Quality Policy

Provet is in the business of manufacturing & marketing animal healthcare & nutritional specialty formulations in the domestic and overseas markets partnering with companies with global repute, with good research & developmental progressions.

It is the policy of Provet to ensure that all products offered to our customers consistently conform to all applicable quality & regulatory requirements and with the principles and guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as specified by WHO, to ensure the offering as a complete solutions as expected by our customers.

It is our policy to ensure that Provet’s product development, manufacturing, quality control & assurance, marketing, warehousing and logistics processes that directly affect the quality of the final medicinal and nutritional product, are appropriately identified, measured and controlled so as to provide a highest degree of assurance that each commercialized unit of all products consistently comply with its pre-defined specifications and quality attributes.

Provet will strive to perform its business in accordance with the quality standards of ISO Quality Management Systems.