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An Optimized Liquid Blend of Multi Strain Probiotics fortified with Rhodococcus spp & Rhodobacter spp for excellent pond health / hygiene


RHODOBAC is a unique & potentiated combination of Rhodococcus spp, Rhodobacter spp, Bacillus spp, Lactobacillus spp, Nitrifying & Denitrifying bacteria stabilized in liquid form for better water miscibility and dispersion which helps in desulphurization and degradation of pollutants in aquaculture ponds and provides excellent pond health / hygiene


  • Zooplankton enhancement in the pond
  • Improves water quality
  • Controls sludge build up, breaks down dissolved protein & unused feed
  • Competes & directly inhibits pathogenic microbes
  • Stabilizes existing algal blooms
  • Can be used for desulphurization & eliminates malodor from the ponds
  • Effective in high salinity
  • Reduces stress factors in ponds


  • Zooplankton enhancement
  • Sludge & malodor reduction
  • Better protein breakdown & absorption
  • Inhibiting growth of & competing with pathogenic bacteria
  • Complete water quality improvement and stabilizing algal growth


1 – 3 litres per acre depending upon the hygienic condition of the pond or as advised by the aquaculture Consultant


1 L HDPE Bottle, 5 L HDPE Jar & 20 L Jar