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The Only Optimally Potentiated Immunostimulant


IMMUNOWALL is a functional fiber with prebiotic properties with indigestible carbohydrate structure, passing through the intestinal tract without getting degraded, thus keeping its functional properties unaltered during the whole digestion cycle

IMMUNOWALL is a unique prebiotic additive rich in Beta-Glucans (more than 34%) and Mannan-Oligo-Saccharides (MOS) (more than 19%)

The selectively sourced Mannans have a unique ability to absorb or bind with certain undesirable substances like toxins, anti-vitamins, viruses and pathogenic bacteria in the digestive tract and have a protective or flushing effect in the gut.

These are not digested by the animal, but are utilized by select bacteria in the gut which grow rapidly and have a competitive exclusion effect against pathogenic agents, provide the animal with high resistance, enhance the immune response and are successfully used as potent immunostimulants.

IMMUNOWALL prevents the colonization of intestinal tract by pathogens, stimulates the immune activity of the phagocytic cells and enhances the action of beneficial bacteria by making an immunological wall against diseases.


  • Effective control of YHD (Yellow Head Disease), RMS (Running Mortality Syndrome) and Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS)
  • Enhanced immune response to overcome the disease challenges, especially caused by Vibrio spp
  • Improved weight gain & average daily weight gain
  • Improved growth rate, performance and reduced mortality
  • Improved feed consumption & feed efficiency


Shrimps & Fish:

Prevention: 7 g to 10 g / kg of feed on regular basis

Control: 15 g to 20 g / kg of feed on regular basis


For better results, VIBROCID is recommended to be mixed in feed along with IMMUNOWALL at recommended usage levels, both during prevention & control


1 kg Jar.